CorelDraw Design #1

Introduction to Graphical Design: Corel Draw
     This is one among the many entrepreneurial businesses one can take up and earn cool bucks out of.  Graphical design involves the use of certain platforms to create an alteration to a giving graphic. It can therefore be deduced that graphics consists of mainly of pictures. It therefore implies that we shall be talking about how we can edit and make designs of many pictorial representations using some of the graphical design platforms like CorelDraw, Photoshop, etc.
It is one thing to be a good graphical designer and another issue to creative in one’s design. This is a major attribute of a graphical designer, being able to reason out ways to make different graphics conform to each other and produce good exhilarating design.

CorelDraw X3 Working Interface

The first graphical design interface we will be discussing is the CORELDRAW.
This is one of the most known graphical design software which designers use to make their designs. It normally allows for the user to create series of exciting designs by making use of the most
The first tab contains a tray where the layout, view and editing of the design proper takes place. One can choose the format or paper type of the design he/she wants ranging from A1-A6 and also the scale based on preference. It also consists of a button under File for the saving of the already editing or designed drawing or photo.

Here, one can use any of the available tabs to make circles, draw different polygons, create sentences and even make curves. The different purposes range from color application and manipulation, free hand sketches and to return to the default window.
There is also the color section where one can choose from dozens of types of colors applicable to what he/she is designing. That will be all for now as we will make our first design in the next chapter of our tutorial series.

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