Hidden Company Logo meanings you never knew about

Apple - Amazon - CocaCola - Adidas - BMW - Toyota - Huyndai, etc.

We see these famous techs brand everywhere but never considered what their Logos mean exactly. Bring in the question of Hidden meanings in these logos.

But every line, curve, color, context and shape angle accurately has meanings and reasons behind them. Most of them largely designed to educate something much more than simple building or famous cities and landmarks.

Curious to know? Then check out famous tech company logos with hidden meanings you’ve never even noticed.


Many people consider the South Korean company’s logo to represent the first letter of its name, “H”. How unfortunate you are with your guess.

Quite thoughtful of them!
Simply, the letter symbolizes two people if you take a closer look - a client and a 
representative of the company shaking hands perhaps after a well-done business deal.  Just check the two images above to confirm. Quite thoughtful, isn't it?


The name Adidas is derived from that of its founder – “ADOLF DASSLER”. Though the company’s logo has changed over time, it has always included three white stripes.

The current logo is three stripes and an angle which joined together forms a triangle. This, in turn, symbolizes a mountain which represents challenges sportsmen have to overcome day after day.


The weirdest logo with hidden meaning ever. The designer who designed the famous apple company logo explained the idea behind his innovation in one of his interviews.

He bought a bag of apples, placed them in a bowl and spent time drawing them for a week while trying to break it down into something simple.

Apple byte and bite logo
Any Major Difference

Taking a bite out of one of the apples proved the trick. Completely by coincidence, he realized that BITE sounded exactly like the computer term BYTE. Isn’t this guy a genius!

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A famous car tyre producer has a logo in which the first two letters – Ćo depict the wheel of a car - just like your own car. Quite simple!

Formula 1

Sports companies like Nike, Puma, etc can brag about the wealth and the service they may provide openly but mind you, they may also be telling you a very different hidden message in their sports logos

If you take a careful look at the white space in the Formula 1 logo between the letter – F and the red stripes, you can see the number 1. 

The red stripe also is a graphical tech representation of the high speed of formula 1 cars.


On Pinterest, people collect images the like all over the world from across the internet and pin them to their online boards.

Pinterest Pin Image

That’s why the image of a pin is been hidden in a letter P – simple and clear.


Now, this is ours. A very much tech equipment used by all termed – headphones. Beats is an audio device producer based in the USA, uses the logo in which the letter B looks like headphones on a person’s head.

That should definitely mean more.


They say that the central part of the logo symbolizes the rotating blades of an aeroplane which is linked to the company’s early history of aviation technologies.

In fact, it is simply a part of the Bavarian flag. Bavaria is an area in Germany from which the company originated.

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LG - Life Is Good

The South Korea Company continues to be a stronghold in the electronics technology market.

The logo of LG represents a stylized image of a person’s face. According to the company represents their aspiration to have ordinary human relations with their customers.


In the Coca-Cola logo, the space between the letter O & L, one can clearly see the colour of the Danish flag – purely a coincidence?

Anyways, the big mineral company has used this as a part of its marketing campaigns in the Scandinavian country.

So, that was it.

Thanks for reading up till now. Quite surprised to notice these b company logo meanings? Sadly, the Big G - Google is not on the list.

Feel free to share and don’t forget to let us know about the ones we missed though.



Great Insight Bro. really love it.


Glad to have you around Sir. We hope to share more of these too, feel free to shate with friends


Wow. Thanks For Sharing.

Never Knew Any Of These.

But Am Still Curious Though. What Does Google Logo Mean?


Well, you just got to know them now. From my understanding, I got to know that Google Logo which has different colors represents the different companies under Alphabet - now Google's parent company. Thanks for having you around once again.


Seriously, i didn't know any of these. Thanks.


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It was a brilliant opportunity to visit this sort of site and I am cheerful to know, much obliged to you such a great amount for allowing us to have this open door.
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