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Amazing Cool Websites You Can Do Cool Things

There are millions of websites on internet but here we collect 10 most
amazing websites for every internet geek user. Just open these websites
on your PC and know what you can do with these amazing websites.

 1. HackerType:
Type like a Hacker in your Computer from this website. Open this website
in your browser and press any keyboard randomly. Press alt button for
access granted message in the screen. 


2. 10MinuteMail:
Disposable email service  for beating spam.


3. Map-norsecorp-com:

Interesting Facts you never knew about the Internet

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Destroy any Website Prank  with this website. Open this website in your
pc and drag the red button to your bookmarks bar. Open any website and
click on the bookmark button and you can easily destroy any website from
your keyboard arrow and space button.
6. GTMetrix:
Check any Website speed and Performance from GTmetrix. From this
analyzing website you check why your website is slow and how can your
supercharge your website.

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