Castel Resourcrs: Now Hiring Human Resource Manager

Job Position: Human Resource Management (HRM)

Location: Port Harcourt, Rivers State

Type of Employment: Full Time

Castel Resources provides HRM solutions to companies & Applicants: HR Consultancy, Staff Managements, Recruitments, Trainings and Developments, HR Outsourcing and SMEs build HR.

We are currently recruiting to fill the positions below:

Job Position: Human Resource Management (HRM)

Location: Port Harcourt, Rivers State

Type of Employment: Full Time

Description of Job

Human Resource Management (HRM) involves various responsibilities such as recruitment, employee training and development, performance management, compensation and benefits administration, employee relations, and ensuring legal compliance.

It’s all about managing an organization’s workforce to enhance productivity, engagement, and overall success.

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Responsibility of Resource Manager typically includes:

Recruitment and Staffing: Lead the recruitment process, including job postings, interviews, and hiring decisions. Collaborate with department managers to identify staffing needs and create effective job descriptions.

Employee Relations: Manage employee relations, addressing concerns, resolving conflicts, and promoting a positive work environment. Provide guidance to employees and managers on company policies and procedures.

Performance Management: Develop and implement performance appraisal systems, providing feedback to employees and managers. Assist in creating development plans and identifying training needs.

Training and Development: Coordinate employee training programs, workshops, and seminars to enhance skills and knowledge. Identify opportunities for professional growth within the organization.

Policy Implementation: Ensure consistent application of company policies and procedures. Keep up-to-date with employment laws and regulations to ensure compliance.

Compensation and Benefits: Administer employee compensation and benefits programs, including salary reviews, bonuses, and benefits packages. Analyze market trends to ensure competitive compensation structures.

HR Administration: Maintain accurate employee records, including personal information, attendance, and performance evaluations. Process payroll and manage benefits enrollment.

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Conflict Resolution: Address employee grievances and work towards resolving conflicts in a fair and timely manner. Mediate between employees and management when necessary.

HR Strategy: Contribute to the development and implementation of HR strategies aligned with the organization’s goals and values. Provide insights on workforce planning and talent management.

Legal Compliance: Stay updated on labor laws, regulations, and employment standards. Ensure the organization’s practices adhere to legal requirements.

Communication: Foster effective communication between employees and management. Create channels for feedback and maintain open lines of communication.

Change Management: Assist in managing organizational changes, such as mergers, restructurings, and workforce transitions.

Data Analysis: Collect and analyze HR metrics to measure the effectiveness of HR initiatives and identify areas for improvement.

Leadership: Supervise and mentor HR staff, providing guidance and support in their roles.

Ethics and Confidentiality: Uphold ethical standards and maintain confidentiality when handling sensitive employee information.

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Diversity and Inclusion: Promote diversity and inclusion initiatives within the organization, ensuring a respectful and inclusive workplace.

The specific responsibilities and priorities of a Human Resource Manager may vary depending on the size and nature of the organization.


The average salary for a career in Human Resource Management can vary based on factors such as location, level of experience, industry, and the specific role within HR.

HR professionals can expect an average annual salary ranging from around $300 (N200,000) monty to $500 (N300,000) monthly or more, depending on these factors. Keep in mind that salaries can vary significantly from one country to another as well.

How to Apply

To Apply:

  • Interested and qualified candidate should send their CV to: using the Job Title as the subject of the mail.

Application Deadline:

Not Specified.

Note: Only qualified candidates will be contacted.


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