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Cool Watsapp Trick you Should try Out This 2016

Watsapp tricks 2016
Using New Fonts in Messages: 

Here, all you need to do is to click the single cloth sign thrice on your phone typing keyboard at the beginning and end of the word you want to change the font. In Android, you can find it in the second page of symbols or punctuation while you can find it in Mac Os just below the escape key.

Different Watsapp Fonts
Using Multiple Watsapp Accounts In Single Device: 

This can be done using an app on android called the “Parallel Space” you can even use two Snap chat accounts on one device provided you’re using an Android device. This feature is also available in your PC and Mac using the “All-in-one” Messenger app provided you’re using a single window. Sadly, there is no way to use multiple Watsapp account on your iPhone, to make up for this check the third trick.
Parallel Space
Avoid Sending Read Receipts:

This feature is only available using iPhone. Here, you can use 3D touch to pick into the message and the Read receipts will not be sent. As you might have guessed, this feature is only available for 3D Touch enabled phones.

Ability TO Reply to a Particular Room Message: 

This is very handy trick because once in a group chat, it is always impossible to detect who someone is referring to. In you iPhone or Android, you just need to press and hold the particular message and hit the Reply button to send your message and Boom!!! You’re good to go.

Reply to a particular message
Hiding Notification Previews:

Watsapp Notifications can be at times annoying due to the buzzing and vibrations. This is an important feature, especially when you want to hide your private messages from say a visitor making use of your device, all you need to do while on iPhone is to go to Watsapp Settings, Notifications and simply turning off “Show Preview”. 

On the other hand, Watsapp does not include the ability to hide notifications in Android, but you can achieve this feature by heading over to: Android Settings and go to Apps and then search for Watsapp. 

In the Watsapp Information Page, go to Notifications and select Block All. Keep in mind that this will result in no notifications from Watsapp.
Notification Preview
Sharing Content with Multiple People:

In Watsapp’s current edition, when you’re trying to share something through a messenger from a external source, you can only share to single contact or group, but that is about to change. Using the Watsapp’s current Beta, you can be able to share files to multiple groups or contacts all at once. Pretty good addition! .

Watsapp Beta

Formatting A Text: 

There are so many other Watsapp features most people don’t know but can be handy at times especially when typing and sending a text. Features like: Adding a star (*) sign at the beginning and end of a sentence or text to make it bold, Underscore (_) for italics and this (~) for strike through a text or sentence.
Formatting a text
Check Who Has Read You Message In a Group: 

Using this feature, you can check who has read your message and the exact time your message was read. On an iPhone, all you need to do is to left-swipe on a message to get the details. While on an android, press and hold on the message and then tap on the Info Icon. Once done, you can get the details about your message.

Unblock Yourself In Watsapp: 

The last but not the least trick, is to unblock yourself from someone’s account. We don’t really recommend this, but if you wish to reach out to someone who blocked you then you are good to go. First, head over to settings, next account and then select Delete my account; here enter you mobile number and tap on delete my account.

Once your account is deleted, uninstall Watsapp from your mobile device. Once done, restart your iPhone or android device. When you device restart is done, install Watsapp from Play store, again enter your details and start using your Watsapp account again.

You Watsapp account will be definitely undeleted from every blocked account but keep in mind that all you data will be lost including your messages, media, chats, etc.

Unblock yourself in Watsapp

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