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How To Create Android Apps In Minutes Without Any Coding Knowledge

How To Create android Apps In Minutes Without Any Coding Skills

Create android app without coding skills

Android is now if not the most popular Operating systems for smartphones. Which can be concluded by the fact that nowadays 90% smartphones are running on android OS.
You can also create your android apps and publish on Google Play store.
In this, we are going to show you different ways to create and own an android app
without any coding and programming skills.

To create android apps, there are a number of online tools and sites
which make for easy utilization and do not require any coding skills from an
individual. Most of these online tools will just require the creation of
an account and proceeding to input simple tasks by clicking of buttons.
Making android apps is simple with android app maker website . Anybody
can create an android app for your needs with free android app builder



Appsgeyser is number 1 company for build android apps without coding.
In this website, you can create android apps in 2-3 minutes. You can
create the android app for free , but you need to pay some money for
publishing your app in play store. You can see the price on the website.
You can also earn money from creating android apps. If you are running
blog or website , you can create android apps for your website.

2. Mobiloud


 This is for WordPress users. Mobiloud creates native android apps for
WordPress websites. If you are a owner of WordPress and you want build
android apps for your readers, try this and make android apps for your
website without any coding skills in minutes.

3. Ibuildapp


Ibuildapp is yet another website for building android apps without
coding and programming. Here you can get lots of templates for your
android apps. You can create free professional looking android app here
without coding and programming.

4. Andromo


With Andromo, anyone can make a professional Android app. You don’t
have to be a hardcore code junky in order to make an Android app.
Instead, you can make an app this afternoon and then use it to promote
your business, share events and news, or launch your million dollar
idea. It’s quick, easy and generates 100% pure native-code Android apps
without coding. Sign up now for a free trial account and start making
Android apps today!

5. Mobincube


If you have a good idea in creating an application here is the site that create advanced applications for smartphones and tablets with no technical knowledge.
If you want to use an HTML page of your own design you can design it
with your basic level of programming and have the option to dump it into
the files that you need to similarly the images,icons,logos.most
effectively the database servers also using the modern database SQlite
.ot is so user-friendly
This site has some restrictions in the usage based on the prices of features that we use in.

6. Appyet


Using Appyet, anyone can create a professional Android app. There’s
no programming knowledge required, only take few minutes to build your
first app. All you need to provide is links to Rss/Atom feed or website,
they are automatically converted into stunning 100% pure native apps
for Android. You have freedom to list/sell app on Google Play and many
other Android Markets. Earn Ad money with embedded Ad or get thousand of
installations bring new constant visitors to your website
Create your first app now, fast, free and shockingly easy! 
7. Appinstitute

Another App Builder interface where you can create apps ranging from iOS, Android and tablets devices. You can also follow their blog if you find any difficulty making us of their facilities. Also if you fell too occupied to creating you app by yourself, they’ve got experienced developers to do the job at a very minimal price.

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If you want to be a Hardcore Android App Developer learn this free
Course from Google. You can found this free Course on .
Free android development course by Google

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