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How To Turn Off Timer or Hotspot In Cyber Cafe!!!

Have you ever been to a cyber cafe to purchase either a browsing or surfing time?

If yes, and in the process you get logged out during a particular task? Hmm, we provide you an adequate solution here…..

Step 1:

First open notepad and type CMD then save it like (something).bat and run it!

Then when you open Command Promt (CMD) type

  • cdwindows

Guess you did not notice any change. Move on and copy the next command on your screen which is below
Type: –

  • regedit

This bring up a pop up windows from where you can make your editing and carry out the remaining processes. 

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Step 2:
After that go on and open the second folder which is named

  •  HKEY_CURRENT_USER and then another folder
  • Appevents

Subsequent folders also follow. Keep on clicking the next folder just like in the chain below:

Software⏩ClassesMicrosoft⏩Windows⏩Current version⏩Internet Settings⏩Policies⏩System

When you open all of that on the right side you will see : DISABLE TASK MANAGER … click on it with right click then go to modify and change the value in 0!

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Then open Windows Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del) and click on disable internet cafe’s timer. After that you will have all time of the world. Use the comment section if it worked for you.

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