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Smartphone Gadgets You Should Own In 2016

To make your smartphone even smarter, you need to have these smartphone gadgets for Apple and Android devices before the year runs out.

Smartphone gadgets you should own

HP Sprocket:HP Sprocket is a tiny, portable photo printer you can take virtually anywhere and instantly print 2×3 inch snapshots from your mobile phone in seconds. HP Sprocket allows you to customize photos on your phone or from social media by adding icons, text, borders, emojis and more so you can share the fun in an instant.

Hp Sprocket


All-in-1 smartphone accessory that packs everything you’ll need on the go into a 1-inch cube! A tiny keyring for charge, sync, stand…& much more. Charger+Memory+PhoneStand+EmergencyPower all in a one-inch cube. Take it with you always, on the go.

The Wondercube

SmoveAn intelligently used smartphone stabilizer, with a built-in charger, easily portable with pro features.


One device to control multiple SIM cards, phones and data connection. With SIMpro you never need to switch SIM cards or phones again.


Sgnl is the smart strap that enables you to make calls by placing your fingertip on your ear. Connect with your watch to upgrade it.



By Combining the Induction Charging and Magnetic Levitation we got OvRcharge. A Wireless Levitational Charger, that does not only suspend the device in use in the mid-air and holds its altitude, but also charge and rotate it as well.



LyfieEye™ allows users to record and share Spherical 360⁰ content using their Android™ smartphones.


Flash Porter 

Flash Porter lets you Quickly and Easily BACKUP your precious digital taken PHOTOS and VIDEOS from any device – Smartphones & Digital Cameras

The Flashporter

Universe Case

uniVERSE turns your iPhone 7 into a pro camera, modern register, backup battery — anything you want. Swap out modules and make your phone work harder.

Universal Case

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