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White Gmail Tips You Should Know today

Gmail Tricks for advanced pro users make you master in controlling Gmail account. You can increase your reading and composing email speed if you follow this post. We all know Gmail is one of the best email platforms for sending and receiving an email in any corner of the world. Gmail provides you lots of features and tricks, but many people don’t know how these trick.

Forward All mail to Another Gmail Account

This feature is very helpful for multi account Gmail holder users. With this features you see your all incoming mail in one account, it doesn’t matter how many account you have. You need to follow steps for forwarding your Gmail address to one address for seeing your all Gmail in one place.
    • Open Settings Section in Gmail Account.
  • Select Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.

In the first section, you see Forwarding address section. Type your mail Gmail address and verify it

Enable Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts save our lots of time. keyboard are also work in Gmail, many people don’t know this feature exists in Gmail. Here we enable this feature and give you 

 Run and See your Gmail Offline

You can only see your Gmail mails when you are connected to the internet. If somehow your internet connection not work and you want to see your old mails. Here we provide a solution, with this method you can see your old emails without an internet connection. If you are using Google Chrome Browser download Gmail Offline Installer from Google Chrome Extension Center.With this extension, you see your all previous mails without internet.

Check out these tricks for gmail account. Soon we coming with new articles and posts related to gmail tricks. Follow all tricks in your gmail account and make master in gmail tricks.

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